Jumping the Hurdle


It was 5:06 PM as I was scrolling through my browser, when I received an unexpected email from the QuestBridge team. My confusion was totally overtaken by nerves, as I immediately opened the message. As I scanned the clear text frantically, my elation dwindled down when I realized there was no actual information about my application status. And likewise (in my impatient teenage mentality), I rolled my eyes at the monitor, acknowledging that I’d have to log on to my QuestBridge account in order to read the decision. My heart beat at this anticipation. With sweaty palms and nerves wracking my body, I logged into my account and was greeted by the most relieving and gratifying words I had experienced thus far: Congratulations QuestBridge Finalist. I reveled in the joy of surpassing one more hurdle, journeying onwards to grasp my college dreams. The joy buzzed in my heart and soul, but soon enough, reality kicked in as I thought of the next step in the process. I was that much closer to making it to college! I then watched the lovely video the QuestBridge team put together to congratulate Finalists and decided to get started right away.

Eight colleges and various supplement questions was no easy task. I had yet another challenge ahead of me. Being a finalist was just one goal on a list of many aspirations that I could check off. In one month, I will go through this same experience. I’ll have sweaty palms and my heart will beat fast as I open another status update. It is not guaranteed that I’ll be matched, but that doubt won’t stop me. This is no time to give up, but instead a time for self-assurance. It’s a time to work harder than ever before until that anticipated December date. Everything that seemed like a weakness is now a strength; every obstacle that seemed larger than me (standing at 4 feet 11 inches) can be overcome. With this faith, I leave all future applicants and current Finalists with a sense of encouragement. I do not know what the match decision will bring, but whatever it is, I’ll never regret starting the process, because though the sense of fulfillment I received will be unique for every applicant, I assure you it’s worth it. I hope that no other potential candidate will pass up the opportunity to be one step closer to your college dreams.

Jasmin Kamruddin, 2014 College Match applicant