The Waiting Game

ashley_land_2I will be the first to tell you that it is very difficult staying productive while you wait to hear back from colleges. If you thought it was exhausting writing all of the applications to your select list of colleges, it is even more exhausting waiting to hear decisions from these colleges that you put your heart and soul into researching. You gave it your all, writing meticulous facts about yourself in carefully crafted 500 word (or fewer) essays, and now you have to wait to know where your future lies. I know all of you are feeling very tired and very anxious about college decisions, and I agree with you that it is not fair that you have to wait so long for a response. But until justice is served, I know five simple things you can do that can ease the waiting process.

  1. Use this time to wrap up your research and take your final campus visits. This way, you will be more than prepared to rip open those acceptances and choose the school that is right for you. Then you won’t have to play another waiting game (with yourself) called, “waiting to realize my destiny and deciding which college to attend”.
  1. Continue to apply to scholarships, because the one thing that could definitely deter you from accepting a college could be a financial aid package that doesn’t offer as much as you need. Successfully obtaining an external scholarship just might cover the costs you need to make your answer to that school a yes! There are so many out there—just Google “college scholarships,”and your world will be blown.
  1. Building upon that, you can complete the one five letter acronym all college students despise…the FAFSA! There is no getting around this; you just have to do it. The application goes up January 1st and the earlier it is completed, the more secure your federal grants will be.
  1. Focus on your hobbies. Whether it is sports, dance, theater, or whatever club you are in, focus on doing a new project within your hobby. Having a passion or outlet for your stress will keep your mind and time occupied, so that hopefully you won’t destroy those cuticles biting your nails in anticipation! This also applies to grades. Even though senioritis exists, colleges can and will rescind your admission if your grades drop significantly. Hence, you might be almost done with high school, but you are not done yet!
  1. Most importantly, you should be HAVING FUN!!! Your senior year of high school only happens once in your life. Make this time count and spend as much time as you can with your friends, having fun during spirit week, asking someone special to prom, etc, etc. Make these memories last because looking back, these are the memories you will want to remember, and not the agonizing pain waiting for college acceptances.

Ashley Land, Quest Scholar, Pomona ’16