A Dream Come True

Monday, December 1, 2014, my life changed. Let me start with the day before. I knew the QuestBridge decision would be released the following day. I had even gone as far as calculating the time I should expect the decision (Pacific versus Eastern Time). I spoke to my fellow Bridge Blogger, Collin, who asked me how I would be passing the time on Sunday. Well that wasn’t hard, because I’d be at work all day. However, Monday morning, I felt the pressure. Not only was it the first day back to school after Thanksgiving break, and therefore bound to be a long day, but I would be waiting all day for this decision. Only a couple of my friends knew I was waiting for this decision, so it wasn’t like everybody was asking me about it (thankfully). I went through all of my classes as usual and pretended like all was okay and that I wasn’t at all anxious. But the fact of the matter is, even though I knew we were three hours ahead of California and that I would not be getting an email until the evening, I kept checking in every class. And when school was finally out, I went home and checked again. At some point I gave up and decided that I needed a way to pass my time, and what better way to do that than to sleep.

At 4:08 P.M, I heard the ping of an email, and immediately woke up. There it was, a single message that would change my life. I opened it, logged on to my QuestBridge account, quickly said a prayer, and opened the notification page. I saw the words “congratulations!” and skimmed to the part that said which school I was matched to: Stanford. I ran out of the room, yelling for my mom, who thought that something was wrong. And when I calmed down enough to tell her, I started crying. It was such a surreal moment. I’m ecstatic. I’m shocked. It’s absolutely amazing. It’s been a tough road thus far, and words can’t explain how nervous I was waiting for this decision. Now, in a weird way, I don’t know what to do. I’ve worked for this moment, and now it is finally here. The news spread like wildfire at school. I am the first in my senior class to be accepted to such a school and am no longer known as “Jasmin”, but as “Stanford”. As thankful as I am for this opportunity, I am more thankful for all the people who supported me along the way and the number of people that congratulated me and told me how proud they were. I am where I am because of them and I cannot thank them enough.

Jasmin Kamruddin, 2014 College Match applicant