Dear QB: What are the benefits of being a Quest Scholar, and are they the same if you’re admitted through the Match or Regular Decision?

DearQBIt’s almost easier to answer this question in reverse order.

Who is a Quest Scholar? Anyone who was selected as a Finalist and was then accepted to and decided to attend any one of the QuestBridge partner schools. The three primary paths to becoming a Quest Scholar are:

1. You are matched through the National College Match.

2. You are admitted to a partner school through Early Action or Early Decision and decide to enroll.

3. You are admitted to a partner school through Regular Decision and decide to enroll.

But here’s the thing – there’s no hierarchy between Matched and non-Matched students! That’s because there are many considerations that go into selecting students for the College Match package.At the end of the day, Quest Scholars are Quest Scholars whether they matched or not, and that bond supersedes exactly how one was accepted to college.

It’s important to remember that if you weren’t matched with any schools you ranked that you were not rejected from them. That bears repeating: schools that did not match with you did not reject you. You can (and should!) apply to them again for Regular Decision.

In fact, the majority of Quest Scholars have been admitted through Regular Decision. Last year, 440 Finalists were matched to one of our partner schools, but over 1,000 Finalists decided to attend our partner schools via Regular Decision.

So now that you know who a Quest Scholar is and the many paths to becoming one, let’s talk about just a few of the benefits of being a Quest Scholar.

  1. You are automatically a member of the Quest Scholars Network. There are many opportunities this gives you access to, but the most important is the most simple: a supportive community that understands where you’re coming from. Each of our partner schools has a Quest Scholars Chapter filled with wonderful individuals who are there for each other.
  2. You have access to fantastic financial aid. Obviously, the College Match Scholarship is a great deal, but don’t forget about financial aid that these colleges offer to all admitted students! While it varies per specific situation, Quest Scholars often find that their financial aid is comparable to a Match package, or at the very least makes it affordable for them to attend a college they never thought they’d be able to pay for.
  3. You are connected with leadership, career, and service opportunities. Your journey doesn’t stop after your admission to college, and the Quest Scholars Network is there to support you during college and beyond. Be a Liaison, Group Leader, Ambassador, Quest Mentor, summer intern – the opportunities are endless and growing!

Match, RD – it doesn’t really matter how you become a Quest Scholar. What matters is what you do once you are one!

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