What’s the role of a Quest Liaison?

Lauren Beard (far right) with other Quest Liaisons from the 2014 Quest Liaison Conference in San Francisco.

My name is Lauren Beard, and I am this year’s Quest Liaison for the University of Pennsylvania. I am continually amazed by Quest and the ways in which I have grown because of this role. Serving in this position provides me with the opportunity to aid others in maximizing their relationship with Quest. Whether this be through presenting about Quest to high school students, connecting with the surrounding community through service events , or just helping an incoming freshman plan classes, I feel as though the Liaison has the ability to shape the Quest mission both inside and outside of their chapter.

Throughout high school, I dedicated myself to my studies and extracurricular activities, and I continued to do so as I entered Penn. However, I did not exhibit the leadership abilities that being Liaison has formed within me. I often accepted my role in the background calmly and quietly, rather than engaging in the group, but I believe this is no longer the case. I am so glad to have met and worked with so many of my fellow Quest Scholars, and this role has also pushed me to become involved with my community members and school administration. I believe the Liaison should serve as the go-to person: someone to bring together Quest Scholars, invite and support potential scholars, and connect with the community.

My personal goal for Quest has been just that: community. I hope that the Penn Quest Scholars come to know and feel comfortable with our Chapter, but I also believe that we should use our newfound resources to do work in Philadelphia. Civic engagement is by far one of the most popular outlets for our chapter. Many of our projects include local clean-ups, which are essential for the proper functioning and spirit of schools and neighborhoods. Additionally, the Penn Quest Alumni community serves as a great way for current undergraduates to learn about potential career paths and expectations.

These past few months have been undoubtedly rigorous in the most valuable way possible. I believe that as we become more integrated in the Penn community, we will make great contributions to Philadelphia. Beyond this, however, we as Quest Scholars at Penn are still young. We have much more to achieve, and I am incredibly grateful and excited for the opportunity to do so.

— Lauren Beard, 2014-2015 Quest Liaison, University of Pennsylvania ’17