Four reasons why being (or applying to be) a College Prep Scholar is Awesome

For three hours now, we’ve heard nothing but blues country music, seen nothing but farm land, and ate nothing but Cheetos and a bag of cuties tangerines. But Mom and I saw beyond the road that seemed to lead nowhere, we were going to the QB College Prep Conference where, for the next 24 hours, I was not just a daughter of a single mother, or a student on the free lunch program—I was nothing but a potential college prep scholar.

The deadline for the college prep scholarship is looming before us. There is less than one week left to contact your favorite teacher for a recommendation and to whip up a personal statement. Seems like a lot of work for something that isn’t a college application? If these are your thoughts, let my try to persuade you otherwise. And if you are already set on applying or have already applied, let me tell you how you have made a great decision.

so here it goes…

Meet yourself again

Going through the college application process, people tend to ask themselves questions they usually never really thought about before, or if they did, never really wrote about. What do I like to do? What sets me apart from the kid down the block? What do I want to do in the next 5 years? And even the same existential questions: Who I am? Who do I want to be? This doesn’t mean that writing a college application essay will answer these questions, but for me, I learned a lot more about myself in a matter of weeks from just sitting and writing things about my life. In beginning to tackle these problems through the College Prep Scholarship application, one is able to open the flood gates to a flow of new thoughts and questions about oneself, a process that I think is vital for preparing for the college application process. And, as a practical benefit, one has a couple of short essay responses prepared for those future essay questions. Some call it laziness, I call it efficiency.

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Who am I? I don’t know but I think my nametag does…

Get your questions Answered

I won’t sugar coat it. The college application is not a time period filled with daisies and roses. For me and many others, it was a complicated maze that didn’t seem to have an end. But what if you could have almost all your questions about QuestBridge and your dream colleges answered by the very people who might be reading your application a year later? Hmmm but where could I find that? Hope I’m not too subtle here my friends.

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Questions and more questions. Curiouser and curiouser!

Road Trip

Not all College Prep Scholars are chosen to go to a conference, but if you are and you are quite a ways from your conference location, make a journey out of it! As referenced in the beginning of my article, mom and I took a road trip up to Stanford from LA about 2 years ago, leaving right after my last class finished on Friday and coming back Saturday evening. And while I was completely exhausted, I got to eat junk food, sing Taylor Swift at the top of my lungs, eat fresh fruit from the farms we visited when we got lost, take a quick peep at the golden gate bridge, and most importantly, see Stanford! I talked to admissions officers about their schools, collected name cards and pamphlets like they were Pokémon cards, and took selfies with the Hoover tower. Basically I was killing two birds with one stone—learning about college and having a mini vacation with mom.

Confidence Feeder

Many of you might have been told “You’re not going to college” or “You can’t do that.” “This school is out of your reach.” “Have you tried looking at _______ Community College?” In a sea of “No’s” it is really nice to just have one little “Yes.” Even if it’s small and lonely, one Yes can do wonders for this little thing called Hope and his friend Confidence. It’s hard to find these two from where we come from. Nonetheless, I strongly believe that by taking this small opportunity, this single College Prep Scholarship application can propel you into a world of Yeses. (No that is not the wrong spelling of the plural form of yes, I checked Oxford Dictionary.) I’m not saying it will be easy, nor that this will be guaranteed. But, I know that your road might seem long and endless. It might not be very fruitful in the beginning, but if you have faith, it might lead to something awesome.


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Our reactions if you don’t apply…