Achieving with QuestBridge

Rosalyn Huff, 2015 National College Match Finalist and QuestBridge Blogger
Rosalyn Huff, 2015 National College Match Finalist and QuestBridge Blogger

Achievement is awkward for me. First of all, the word just sounds weird. “Uh-cheev-ment.” Who decided to throw those sounds together? Plus, I’ve always had a really hard time coming to terms with it. I’ve done a lot of great things, but have I achieved anything? Are my accomplishments grand enough to be considered achievements? Or even accomplishments, for that matter? I find the concept tremendously confusing. Am I alone here?

There’s no questioning what I hope to achieve, though. I’ve had my mind set on it for years. Everything that I’ve “achieved” so far has been merely a step toward it. And if I do it, I’ll tattoo the word achievement across my forehead and own it forever. Actually, I think I’ll even change my middle name to Achievement while I’m at it.image1 (1)

But I’ve got to say, whatever that word means, I’m pretty sure I was feeling it when I learned I was a National College Match Finalist. I had to straight up pat myself on the back for that one. I did a little victory dance too, but that’s just between us.

I was proud because I knew that I was slowly inching towards living a life that has only existed in my imagination for years. This is important to me because a lot of people around me would rather settle for less than pursue their dreams. I’ve done everything I can to make sure I never do this. I’ve pushed myself to the ends of the earth in search of that magic word.

And so what if I can’t grasp it just yet? I’ll get there. It might be in five years, or even in 15 years, but I know I’ll be able to say it one day. Especially with the opportunity to become a QuestBridge Scholar. With QuestBridge on my side, “achievement” actually seems attainable.

As far as what it is that I’m working so hard for, I’m not sure I should reveal that kind of information just yet. It’s a bit personal, ya know? I’m warming up to you guys. I won’t keep you waiting for too long, though, I promise. Fifteen years at the most.

by Rosalyn Huff, 2015 National College Match Finalist