Time for a “Rematch”

Sunpreet Singh, 2015 National College Match Finalist
Sunpreet Singh, 2015 National College Match Finalist

I was at Buffalo Wild Wings eating away my tears. I’d just opened my match results and, like thousands of other Finalists, I found out that I wasn’t matched. I cried. A lot. I put hours of work into not only my QuestBridge application, but also my supplements and I somewhat felt like I got rejected. However, this truly couldn’t be further from the truth.

What I’m trying to say is that this is not at all a time of grief or sorrow. We should be immensely proud of our peers who have been matched, and, likewise, they should also be very supportive for non-matched Finalists looking ahead to the Regular Decision and Early Action/Decision processes. I was and still somewhat am an emotional wreck, but I’m also more determined than ever to make my hard work pay off in the coming months. We were all selected to be Finalists for academic potential, overcoming adversity, and showing the drive that translates to success at QuestBridge partner colleges and through the admissions process.

BlogPostThreePlanAIt is for these reasons and many more that I say it’s time for a rematch. A rematch with the college admissions process. It’s time to kick our motors into overdrive to power through the coming months and to fulfill our aspirations of higher education.

I felt more than anxious and disappointed December 1, but it’s over and 1,500 QuestBridge Scholars were admitted through Regular Decision last year compared to 501 for the match. If that doesn’t make a statement, I don’t know what does.

Let’s get ready to rumble for Regular Decision and I can’t wait to see the tears flowing again when acceptances pour during Spring. Best of luck to everyone, and remember, you made it this far, so why not finish stronger than you started?

Time to truly #FinishStrongQB.