End Your Year With Reflection

As many of you know, reflection is woven into QuestBridge’s founding story. In the early days of QuestBridge, “Reflection Time” created a space where introspection and personal reflection could be explored, practiced, nurtured, and strengthened. At the very beginning of 2015, QuestBridge Co-Founder and CEO Ana McCullough wrote a blog post about the importance of taking time to reflect:

“The great thing about reflection is that it doesn’t inherently cost anything, and doesn’t necessarily require special equipment, a specific place, or other people. What it does require is openness, authenticity, and compassion towards yourself just as you are …” – Ana McCullough (read the full blog post)

Have you incorporated reflection into your daily, weekly, or monthly routine? If not, the end of the year is just as good as the beginning of the year to take time to reflect.

Over the winter break, ask yourself the questions Ana McCullough posed at the beginning of the year:

  • How can I creatively approach my college education?
  • What is my identity as a student? As a member of my family? As a member of my community?
  • What professions will enable me to achieve all of my life goals – including my financial, family, community, and societal goals?
  • What does “learning” mean to me?
  • What does “being happy” mean to me?

Also ask yourself:

  • What accomplishments can I celebrate from this past year, and what did I learn about myself through them?
  • What challenges did I face this past year, and what did I learn about myself through them?

We hope these reflection questions will help set a vision for your personal and academic pursuits in 2016 … and beyond!

– The QuestBridge Team