Explore, Challenge, Strengthen: Summer Programs in a Nutshell

Close your eyes and picture yourself on the college campus of your dreams. What do you see? Ivy covered buildings? Late night study sessions in the library? Hang outs with a roommate in your dorm? Laboratories filled with cutting edge equipment?

What if you could see it for yourself the summer before your senior year of high school? The College Prep Scholars Program offers full scholarships to college summer programs so you can experience life beyond high school and to gain first-hand experience attending a selective college. As you get into the rhythms of college life, a summer program also gives you the opportunity to:

Explore your passions

Jeffrey Fabian“I attended the Envision: Intensive Law & Trial Summer Program at Stanford University. The program further exemplified my interest in the legal field and not only made me stronger on my application, but it always helped me understand my own interest and passion and that helped me portray my passion and feelings through my essay (which is what I believe gave me a slight edge).”

Jeffrey Fabian, Columbia, ’19, Brooklyn, NY

Challenge yourself academically

Summer Program Circle“I realized how I wanted to be in an environment where my peers challenged me as much as my professors did. I saw how intelligent and driven my friends at Yale were, and how much they motivated me in my own accomplishments. Without my summer program, I never would have been driven to succeed and apply to QuestBridge partner colleges. People there also gave advice on college applications, and I made many contacts who could answer specific questions about schools for me.”

Alexa Anderson, Stanford ’20, Kailua, HI

Become a stronger college applicant

Nicolas Sarmiento“A full scholarship to Notre Dame’s Science, Ethics, and Responsibility Leadership Seminar undoubtedly made me a more competitive applicant through QuestBridge. Furthermore, it gave me insight on what a beautiful, wonderful, and academically superior university I could attend if I participated in QuestBridge.”

Nicolas Sarmiento, Penn ’20, Coral Springs, FL

If you face financial challenges at home, you may have thought these summer programs were out of your reach. But we’re here to tell you to dream big! You could earn a full scholarship to one of the many college summer programs, so start your path to college today!