Words of Inspiration from the Class of 2020

The 2016 National College Match application deadline is right around the corner! To help applicants in the final push, we asked QuestBridge Scholars who were matched in the 2015 National College Match to share their advice. Here’s what they had to say…

Juan O., Rice ’20 – Liberty, Texas


“Just do it! There is nothing to lose and the world to gain! It is worth the time, the effort, and the emotional stress involved.

Don’t let yourself or anyone else discourage you from applying to your dream college because you never know what life may have in store for you.


Praise H., Bowdoin ’20 – Fridley, Minnesota

“GO FOR IT!!! Put all that you have of yourself into your application and try to stay as true to yourself as possible. QuestBridge is a life changer and an opportunity that only rolls around once in your life, so take advantage of the awesome resources they offer.”

“Also, do not stand in your own way by comparing yourself to others; you are unique and at the end of the day, colleges want to get to know YOU. Let all of the things that have made you who you are shine through. You can do it!”


Alecsandria D., Colby ’20 – Purcell, Oklahoma

“Any student who is thinking about applying to QuestBridge should consider the following: first, if you are matched to a college, you will receive an amazing education at little to no cost to you and your family. Second, if you are chosen as a Finalist then your application is held in high regard in the college community. Third, if you are not a Finalist, at least you have been able to get ahead in the college application process.”

“Nothing but good can come from submitting an application, but nothing at all will come from you refusing to try.


Yvonne W., Brown ’20 – Augusta, Georgia

“My advice to students in the same boat I was in when applying would be, ‘You are more than a statistic.’ Don’t let your obstacles and challenges keep you from making your dreams a reality. Despite being a black female in a single-parent, low-income home, I still worked hard throughout high school, and now I will be attending an Ivy League institution on a full-ride scholarship. Take the opportunity, whenever it comes, to show that you are more than a number and more than your obstacles. Prove those wrong who doubted you would achieve great things.”

Kevin P., Dartmouth ’20 – Miami, Florida


“Do it, you won’t regret this at all. This is an opportunity to go to a top-tier college so don’t waste it. It’s a good amount of work, but it’s almost nothing compared to the reward.