Admissions Officer Insight: What You Can’t Find on Colleges’ Websites…

With the deadline to rank colleges for the 2016 National College Match quickly approaching, we hope you are diving deep into college websites to do as much research as possible. We asked a few of our college partners for insight about things you may not find on their websites, but are central to their campuses…

Bowdoin College

Bowdoin College“Four years at Bowdoin teaches you to be intellectually fearless. Surrounded by people from all over the country and the world, your professors and peers will push you outside of your comfort zone in and out of the classroom, and in doing so will open the world and help you to find your path through it. We expect that each and every Bowdoin student is learning how to change the world for the better in ways big and small. These conversations that extend to the whole campus make college challenging — and great, and it’s why our alums are proud to call themselves polar bears.” – Ryan Ricciardi, Associate Dean of Admission

Carleton College

“We know it’s tough to get a “real feel” for Carleton College from just images and text on a website. Do you want to know what fall term smells, tastes, and looks like? Well, you often smell the aroma of cocoa crispies cereal from the Malt-o-Meal factory in town, taste freshly picked apples from the Student Activities Office-sponsored trip to the local orchard, see brilliant Halloween costumes at the Community Carnival hosted by student athletes, hear current students making phone calls to prospective students in the Admissions Office, and feel the camaraderie of 568 new students during the Frisbee toss at the end of New Student Week. Have questions? Want to know more? Contact us at”- Holly Buttrey, Assistant Dean of Admissions

Colby Collegeimg_2172

“I  love the connected nature of Colby’s community. Our students bring a variety of backgrounds and experiences to campus, and they come together to collaborate and support each other in countless ways both inside and outside the classroom. Colby students explore and engage intellectually with faculty and peers; they think critically and make connections between disciplines and ideas; and they devote their time and energy to a variety of academic and extracurricular passions. They are at the same time happy, humble, and hardworking; endlessly warm and welcoming; and deeply committed to the idea of shared success. Our community does its best work together, connecting and collaborating to make an impact on campus, in the city of Waterville, and in the broader global community.” – Randi L. Arsenault, Associate Dean and Director of Admissions