Dear QB: How do I complete my College Match Requirements on time?

DearQBAs you patiently wait to learn if you were selected as a Finalist, you should be working diligently on your College Match Requirements for the schools you ranked. With only a short time period between Finalist notification (October 19) and the College Match Requirements deadline (November 1), we wanted to give you our best tips for staying organized during this very important part of the process:

1. Prepare now

Finalists will be notified on October 19; however, you should start your materials now, as some require extra time to complete, like the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE and the Common Application. Organize a timeline to get everything ready on time, so you can be ready to send these materials if you are selected as a Finalist.

There are two places you can view these requirements:

  1. The Application Requirements tab on each college partner’s webpage.
  2. The checklists located on your Manage page.

Each school has different requirements, so it’s important you check each one individually.

Tip: If you plan to apply to schools you ranked regardless of your Finalist status, you can go ahead and request your official transcript and test scores.

2. Stay organized and be thorough

Download our College Match Requirements Tracking Spreadsheet:

The QuestBridge website and the checklists on your Manage page are very helpful tools, but it may also be useful to track all of your requirements and progress in one place. Download our College Match Requirements Tracking Spreadsheet (click “Download” in the upper right corner) and modify it so it works best for you.

Tip: List the schools in the order in which you ranked them in the spreadsheet, and then work on the materials for the schools ranked highest on your list first!

3. If you become a Finalist, submit official test scores and transcripts first

If you are selected as a Finalist on October 19, it’s time to send the materials directly to each school you ranked. They must receive your materials by November 1. Some materials, like official test scores and transcripts, may take longer to send, so it’s important to send them as soon as possible after Finalist notification.

If, after reviewing the information on our website, you have questions about a school’s required materials or how to submit them, please contact the school directly.

4. Remember that your hard work is worth it!

If you’re selected as a Finalist, remember that submitting these requirements allows you to be considered for a full four-year scholarship at the schools you ranked! Keep up the great work.

Dear QB is an advice column for QuestBridge applicants and QuestBridge Scholars. To submit a question, email with “Dear QB” in the subject line.