Why should I apply to be a College Prep Scholar?

If you’re a junior in high school, the reality of applying to college may be starting to sink in. Standardized tests. Teacher recommendations. Essays. Transcripts. The list goes on! But instead of feeling overwhelmed by those things, what if you had a head start? The College Prep Scholars Program can give you just that.

We could go on about the program’s many awards and opportunities (all-expense-paid campus visits, anyone?), but we thought you should hear straight from College Prep Scholars themselves:


“Being a College Prep Scholar prepared me for the college application process like no other prep program could. It also gave me the confidence that I could really make it through the Match and one day call one of the nation’s top schools ‘my school.'”

Evan L., 2016 College Prep Scholar, Duke University ’21


“At the National College Admissions Conference, I really got to know the various ways in which a college evaluates an application. This made me much more confident in my apps, as well as more sure of what I would have to work on for the remainder of the year in order to make a more competitive application.”

Donna S., 2016 College Prep Scholar, Yale University ’21


“As a College Prep Scholar, I was better able to familiarize myself with QuestBridge before continuing on to the National College Match application. I had more time to fully understand how the Match process worked and explore the college partners.”

Raiha A., 2016 College Prep Scholar, Rice University ’21

cm16-match-toranThe visits played a key role in my application process. Before QuestBridge opened the doors for me to visit, I had only visited three colleges. Once I visited two more through QuestBridge, I immediately added them to my list. In fact, without the visits, I wouldn’t have been matched to my current college. So, literally, my life wouldn’t be the same.”

Toran L., 2016 College Prep Scholar, Pomona College ’21

These were just a few of the ways that last year’s College Prep Scholars benefited from the program. Learn more about the awards and opportunities, and make sure to start your application when it opens in mid-February!