Dear QB: What is QuestBridge Regular Decision?


QuestBridge Regular Decision is a unique opportunity to apply to QuestBridge college partners after the National College Match. This means that students who did not match or who did not participate in rankings can still apply—and be admitted!—to any of our college partners. You can select schools you’d like to apply to on your QuestBridge Regular Decision Form from November 6 to December 11.

Here’s a breakdown of the benefits of applying through QuestBridge Regular Decision:

1. Apply to our college partners for free

QuestBridge believes that money shouldn’t come between you and your college dreams. Application fees are waived for Finalists by all of our 39 college partners so you can maximize your college options and save hundreds of dollars.

2. Stand out as a QuestBridge Finalist










Being selected as a 2017 National College Match Finalist is a big achievement, and our college partners recognize this. Having this designation will make you stand out in the applicant pool.

3. Receive a generous financial aid package

All of our college partners are committed to meeting 100% of your demonstrated financial need. If you’re admitted to one of our partners, you know you’ll receive the aid that you need.

4. Join the QuestBridge Scholars Network









Each college partner campus has a chapter of the QuestBridge Scholars Network, and these on-campus communities consist of both students who matched and ​students who were admitted through QuestBridge ​Regular Decision. They organize gatherings, service opportunities, and fun outings and provide a warm community for new and returning QuestBridge Scholars.

So, what can you do to prepare yourself for Match Day, regardless of the results? Continue to research our 39 college partners. Use our Research Worksheet for Regular Decision to explore schools that might be a good fit for you. Remember, keeping an open mind during your research can help you hone in on what’s truly important to you and discover schools that just might surprise you. All of our college partners are highly selective institutions and rank among some of the best in the nation. For this reason, it’s important to have a wide range of schools you can apply to, including some that aren’t QuestBridge college partners. This list should include reach, target, and likely schools.

For more advice on how to research and pick schools, visit our recent blog by an admissions officer and this Q&A with a QuestBridge scholar.

Dear QB is an advice column for QuestBridge applicants and QuestBridge Scholars. To submit a question, email with “Dear QB” in the subject line.