A Look Back on 2017 Match Stories…

This year’s National College Match was the biggest yet, with 5,759 students selected as Finalists and 918 students matched with our college partners! These record-breaking numbers mean that more students than ever before have been awarded full four-year scholarships. Their stories always inspire and amaze us, and as we look back at the year, we wanted to share some reactions from recently matched students.

“The moment that I discovered that I was matched to the University of Chicago, I immediately stood up and screamed with excitement that I had been given such an amazing opportunity. I just felt an extreme sense of happiness that all my hard work and determination finally paid off with the message that stated that I had matched with UChicago. My father also had the same sense of happiness that I had, and my mother wept with tears of joy.”

-Timothy L., University of Chicago, Class of 2022

“It was like an elephant had been taken off my chest, I was so relieved. I had done it! 12 years of work and the last year of working up the resolve to believe that I could get into a school like Bowdoin, validated. I was so glad. So glad to be going to a school that was beyond anything that I had dreamed about before QuestBridge.”

-Elizabeth B., Bowdoin College, Class of 2022

“It felt unreal at first. I saw the “Congratulations” message and put down my phone, thinking this was a dream. My mom made me pick it back up and read which school I had been matched to. When I read out “Duke University,” she started crying with happiness, and I finally realized that I was just accepted to one of my dream schools with a full scholarship. It was absolutely the greatest moment of my life!”

-Lina L., Duke University, Class of 2022

“A thousand tons of bricks were lifted off my shoulders. I was completely incapable of feeling the amount of joy that letter gave me, and I walked around the rest of the day in complete shock. Then I got right to making my poster in an attempt to make it feel real.”

-Morgan H., Northwestern University, Class of 2022

“Finding out that I was matched was a surreal experience. For days, I looked back on my acceptance notification making sure I was not imagining the whole thing. Now that I know I have been accepted into college with a full scholarship, I feel a weight lifted off my chest. I no longer need to worry about applications or finding ways to pay off college. My dream has come true, and I could not have done it without QuestBridge.”

-Ricardo S., Princeton University, Class of 2022

These are just a few of the stories from our newest QuestBridge Scholars, and we look forward to welcoming even more Finalists into the QuestBridge Scholars Network through QuestBridge Regular Decision!