Dear QB: How do I show a college that I’m still interested?

DearQBAs you are finishing your Regular Decision Requirements, you may be wondering what you can do to further stand out as an applicant. One way is to stay engaged with the colleges to which you’re applying. This is especially important if you ranked schools and submitted all of your materials to them in November. Each college is unique, but here are a few ways you can stay in touch with the colleges on your list:

1. Submit your midyear report and financial aid materials on time.

The midyear report and financial aid materials are likely the last few materials you need to submit for your applications to be considered complete. Make a good last impression!
Submit these materials on time and make sure they are as polished as possible. Please see the Regular Decision Requirements on each school’s Application Requirements page for more information about submitting these materials.

2. Interview.

Some schools offer interviews to get to know applicants. If you are offered the opportunity to interview, take it, even if it’s optional. Interviews allow colleges the opportunity to get to know you through means other than your application. They also give you the opportunity to ask questions about the college and your interviewer’s personal experiences. It’s a two-way street!

If you’re nervous, that’s okay! Prepare by reading college interview tips from a QuestBridge Scholar.

3. Email the admissions office with updated information.

Have you earned any new awards? Do you have updated test scores? These are two great reasons to contact an admissions office! This updated information may help paint a more complete picture of you. When you reach out, make sure to personalize your email. Include specific reasons why you think their school is a good fit for you, along with your update. Make sure to proofread your message thoroughly.

Keep in mind: There’s a fine line between touching base and flooding an admissions officer’s inbox. Be respectful of their time and always maintain a high level of professionalism in your communications. 

4. Engage with colleges online.

It’s not uncommon for colleges to check if you open their emails, participate in online chats with admissions officers when offered, or follow them on social media.

5. Introduce yourself to a representative in person, if possible.

Check admissions websites to see if a representative is coming to your area so you can connect in person. You can also visit the college if you have the ability to do so. Afterward, send a handwritten thank you note to the representative you met.

Best of luck finishing your Regular Decision Requirements!

Dear QB is an advice column for QuestBridge applicants and QuestBridge Scholars. To submit a question, email with “Dear QB” in the subject line.