Why should I apply to be a 2018 College Prep Scholar?

If you’re a junior in high school, the reality of applying to college may be starting to sink in. Standardized tests. Teacher recommendations. Essays. Transcripts. The list goes on! But instead of feeling overwhelmed by those things, what if you had a head start? The College Prep Scholars Program can give you just that.

We could go on about the program’s many awards and opportunities (all-expense-paid campus visits, anyone?), but we thought you should hear straight from College Prep Scholars themselves:

Emmanual-Dartmouth“Getting accepted to the College Prep Scholars Program boosted my confidence because I realized that someone else believes that I am a competitive applicant. As a College Prep Scholar, I learned tips on how to improve my writing skills and how I can use my story to strengthen my college application.

Emmanuel S., 2017 College Prep Scholar, Dartmouth ’22

Maricar-Princeton“Being a part of a selective group of high school juniors as a College Prep Scholar definitely helped me stand out when applying to schools, scholarships, and summer programs. It gave me an edge.”

Maricar A., 2017 College Prep Scholar, Princeton University ’22


Gustavo-UChicago“Being a College Prep Scholar elevated my application and my accomplishments among the countless other worthy applicants. Becoming a College Prep Scholar was proof that I had the tools to succeed at my dream school; all I had to do was push on through the application process.”

– Gustavo D., 2017 College Prep Scholar, University of Chicago ’22

Roxana-Stanford“As a College Prep Scholar, I was surrounded by my fellow applicants who helped me with the application process. They motivated me to work on my application and spread positivity to everyone.”

Roxana A., 2017 College Prep Scholar, Stanford University ’22


These were just a few of the ways that last year’s College Prep Scholars benefited from the program. Learn more about the awards and opportunities, and make sure to start your application when it opens in early February!