QuestCast Recap: Three Steps to Secure a Strong Recommendation


To apply to the National College Match, you will need two recommendations from teachers and one recommendation from a counselor, also known as the School Report. The following three steps will guide you in the right direction to successfully secure each recommendation. Or, click here to watch the QuestCast!

Step 1: Identifying a recommender
When identifying a recommender for your National College Match application, consider the following questions:

  • When did I have this teacher?
  • What subject did this teacher instruct me in?
  • Did I do well in this teacher’s class?
  • Does this teacher know who I am outside of the classroom?

We suggest that you ask teachers who taught you in a core academic subject in your junior or senior year. It is ideal that you did well in the class and the teacher knows about your life outside of school. 

Step 2: Asking for a recommendation
When asking for the recommendation, consider the following questions:

  • Can I speak to this teacher in person?
  • Does this teacher have enough time to write my recommendation?
  • How can I help my teacher in this process?
  • What information do I need to register my teacher?

Consider and respect your teacher’s time when asking for the recommendation. Remember that you will have to register this teacher in your application, so be sure to obtain accurate information and register them correctly.

Step 3: Following up with your recommender
After your initial request for a recommendation, consider the following suggestions:

  • Make sure to ask your educator to save a copy of your recommendation.
  • Keep them in the loop on your process so they can continue to support you.
  • Remember that a kind email, hand-written note, or small gift can go a long way.

You may have to ask the same teacher for a recommendation in the future whether it be for another scholarship or perhaps a summer job, so make sure you express your gratitude for their time. 

Now that you know the steps you need to take to secure the recommendations you need, you can go into your application and register your teachers and counselor. Remember to submit your National College Match application by September 26, 2019.