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2015 College Match Finalists:

David Guirgis, 2015 National College Match Finalist
A while ago, I fell in love with writing and the English language, so I decided to undertake the impossible task of becoming a Brontë sister. I’m still in love with both, but I failed spectacularly at writing a love story for the ages. So I’ve turned to blogging about my life instead. On multiple outlets. Including this one.

Hey, pop quiz: what are the odds of surviving senior year for a high school senior born in Indonesia and living in Jersey City? I guess we’ll find out together.


Rosalyn Huff, 2015 National College Match Finalist
A certain level of confidence is required to be successful at a high school as underestimated as mine. As a result of the false stereotypes and misconceptions my community has attached to our students, I work as hard as I can to prove everyone wrong. This first hand experience with unfair judgement has greatly influenced my outlook on life, and inspired me to ensure that these things don’t continue to happen in our society.


Sunpreet Singh, 2015 National College Match Finalist
I have a strong passion for social justice, debating, and public speaking. Growing up in the Big Apple has exposed me to all kinds of things: good, bad, and ugly, like the United Nations and crowded subways. My inspiration comes from other youth working to conquer and eliminate hate among races, which drives me to help recapitulate values of equality to ultimately extinguish the very valves of animosity that hatred and racial divide rest on. Plus, I hope to be a civil rights lawyer to aid in achieving my goals.

2014 College Match Finalists


Collin Bentley, 2014 National College Match Finalist
When I was nine, my whole life changed because I moved from Orlando, Florida, to a small, rural town outside of Knoxville, Tennessee. Through the years, I’ve learned to love the mountains instead of the beaches, the quiet instead of the bustling. I’ve been in love with Cross Country running for seven years, but that’s just the beginning of the race that is my life, so check out my blogs as I share the rest of my story and my current journey with QuestBridge. More of Collin’s posts.


Jasmin Kamruddin, 2014 National College Match Finalist
I am a high school senior at in Atlanta, Georgia. I aspire to be in the medical field, specifically pediatrics, and find my experiences as a major source of inspiration for scholarship. I hope to use these experiences to further inspire others that may be following a similar path or are lost along the way. More of Jasmin’s posts.

Current Quest Scholars


Ashley Land, Quest Scholar, Pomona ’16
I was born and raised in Chicago, IL. I am currently a junior at Pomona College, but as of these day I am studying abroad in Salamanca, Spain. My favorite things to do are dance and watch television on Netflix (it keeps me sane). Most of all I love giving back to my Quest community being a mentor to those younger than me. More of Ashley’s posts.


Christina Chen, Quest Scholar, Yale ’18
My name is Christina Chen and I’m a freshman Questie at Yale University majoring in Biomedical Engineering…or Art History…or Chemistry (I’m figuring it out). When I’m not cramming for tests, you can find me in dancing in Yale’s Step team, Steppin’ Out, working in the lab at the Neurology Department of Yale School of Medicine, shooting arrows with the Archery Team, and most importantly, re-watching all the episodes of Avatar the Last Airbender. More of Christina’s posts.


Emily Stevens, Quest Scholar, Grinnell ’18
I’m a first year at Grinnell College. I really enjoy traveling and recently took a gap year and lived in Senegal for eight months. I love dogs, sweaters, and fresh snow. More of Emily’s posts.



Gaston Lopez, Quest Scholar, Carleton ’17

I’m living in flux like anyone else: once a son in Manila, I grew up in Maryland, and now weathering a second year at Carleton in Minnesota. Once a Lego-sculpting bookworm with two siblings,  I’m a liberal arts student with three siblings finding my way around physics, Arabic, life at the Chapel, and everything in between. I know where I’ve been, so where to next? More of Gaston’s posts.


Jessica Li, Quest Scholar, Princeton ’18
Jessica Li hails from Gaithersburg, a suburb of Washington DC and currently attends Princeton University. She participated in the Quest Bridge National College Match and Regular Decision programs last year. When Jessica is not fretting over eye-boggling calculus problems, she enjoys writing poetry, gardening under the glistening sun, and consoling high school seniors tormented by myths of the college application process. More of Jessica’s posts.


Zuheily Quinones, Quest Scholar, Vassar ’18
My name is Zuheily Quinones, pronounced Hailey with a “Zoo” in front! I was Matched this year and am currently a freshman in the Class of 2018 at Vassar College. I hope to use this lovely opportunity to double major in Mechanical Engineering and Astronomy. More of Zuheily’s posts.

Victoria Navarro, Quest Scholar, Princeton ’17
My name is Victoria Navarro and I’m a sophomore student at Princeton, looking to enter the department of Spanish and Portuguese. I love to dance, and am part of a Latin Dance group and Ballet Folklorico group at my school! You can find me wearing red lipstick and armed with coffee in hand at almost any time on campus. More of Victoria’s posts.

Quest Scholar Alumni


Jessica Jordan, Quest Scholar Alum, Wesleyan ’13
Jessica Jordan is a 2013 graduate of Wesleyan University. After trying her hand at marketing, publishing, and bookselling, she is currently working on applying to PhD programs in English literature. She originally hails from Knoxville, Tennessee, and wrote her senior thesis, “Bloodline,” about the history of the region and her family’s time there. She is also a Senior News Writer at the Harry Potter fansite MuggleNet and a contributing writer the the feminist comics and culture site Fantastic Fangirls. More of Jessica’s posts.


Shu Zhang, Quest Scholar Alum, Wesleyan ’13
I graduated from Wesleyan University with a BA/MA in Chemistry. I majored in Chemistry, Molecular Biology & Chemistry and minored in German Studies as an undergraduate. Currently I reside in New York. I am trying to pursue a career in science, and at the meantime, gladly exploring what my life has to offer. One of the things I enjoy from working in NYC is: I do have time to read on my way home via subway. One of my life goals is to read ten thousand books, travel ten thousand miles. More of Shu’s posts.


Victoria Turner, Quest Scholar Alum, Amherst ’14
Victoria Turner has inhabited cities for most of her life. She was matched to Amherst College in 2011 and graduated with a BA in Neuroscience. Originally from Los Angeles, she is currently working as a project officer in a neuroscience lab at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Besides behavioral neuroscience and neuroscience methods, her other interests include fiction, typography, and science/technology/society studies. She plans to spend the next few years living abroad before her GRE scores expire. More of Victoria’s posts.

QuestBridge Partner College Admissions Officers

Rice - Aurora Ignacio

Aurora Ignacio, Associate Director of Admission and Coordinator of Hispanic Recruitment, Rice University Originally from Los Angeles and a first-generation college graduate, Aurora received a degree in English and World Literature in 2004 from Pitzer College in Claremont, CA. Prior to joining Rice University, she worked in the Pomona College Office of Admissions for six years and spent one year working for Talent Search, a federally funded TRIO Program. More of Aurora’s posts.

zak_bio_photo1Zakaree Harris, Associate Dean of Admissions & Director of Travel Planning, Bowdoin College
Zak coordinates the QuestBridge program as well as works with the Budget and Athletics. Prior to joining the admissions staff at Bowdoin, Zak was in admissions at The George Washington University (GWU) and Johns Hopkins University. At both institutions, he was heavily involved in multicultural programming. Zak is a graduate of Connecticut College, where he earned a B.A. in psychology and human development. He earned an M.A. in Organizational Management from GWU. More of Zak’s posts.


Yoon-Chan Kim, Assistant Director of Admissions, Oberlin College
Yoon-Chan Kim is an Assistant Director of Admissions at Oberlin College. Originally from Korea, he moved to northern California at age nine and continued his education at Pomona College. Upon graduating, he traveled to Korea to teach English to high school students, then returned to join the world of admissions where he has been ever since. More of Yoon-Chan’s posts.


Sydney Lewis, Assistant Director of Admissions, Wesleyan University
I’m Sydney Lewis, Assistant Dean of Admission at Wesleyan University. I’m also a former QuestBridge Finalist and a member of Wesleyan’s class of 2014. I attended Druid Hills High School in Atlanta, GA, and received the QuestBridge College Prep Scholarship during my junior year of high school. At Wesleyan, I majored in Sociology and Psychology, completed an interdisciplinary certificate program in Social, Cultural, and Critical Theory, tutored elementary school students, developed a summer preschool program offered in Middletown schools, served as a research assistant for a History professor, taught my peers in a student forum on education policy, performed in the Dance department’s end-of-semester concerts and student-produced showcases, worked for the Offices of Admission and Residential Life, and became a leader in a feminist activist group on campus. My senior year, I wrote a 150-page Sociology thesis about turnaround school reform in urban school districts. I’m thrilled to be back on campus and working with QuestBridge in a new role! More of Sydney’s posts.


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