Admissions Officer Insight: Research Tips from Colby College

school-iconNow that you can rank up to 12 schools for the National College Match, it’s more important than ever to spend time researching which colleges are a good fit for you. Tori Guen, Assistant Director of Admissions at Colby College, shares her insight about the importance of research and tips to compare schools. 

Researching colleges contributes to four important parts of the college admissions process. Research helps you broaden your search, narrow your selection, make you a more competitive applicant, and find the best-fit college for you.
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Admissions Officer Insight: Get to Know Swarthmore College

As Senior Assistant Dean of Admissions at Swarthmore College, Andrew Moe has great insight into the academics and campus life of  the small liberal arts college located in southeastern Pennsylvania. Get to know Swarthmore and see if it’s a good fit for you!

Andrew Moe, Swarthmore College, Senior Assistant Dean of Admissions

Swarthmore College, a small liberal arts college in southeastern Pennsylvania, is a bit different than most places.  The following list represents just a few of our favorite things about Swat:

Small size, plentiful options.  We enroll just over 1,500 students, and nearly everyone lives on campus all four years.  Almost 40% of our classes have nine or fewer students, and yet, our students choose from over 600 courses offered each year.  Additionally, we are part of the Tri-College Consortium, where you can take classes and engage in social activities at Haverford College and Bryn Mawr College – just a free shuttle ride away.  And if that’s not enough, you can even register to take courses at the University of Pennsylvania. Continue reading

Admissions Officer Insight: Find Your College Fit

Don’t know where to start your research for ranking colleges? Colorado College Admission Counselor Skyler Paltell gave us her tips for finding the best college fit for you. 

Skyler Paltell, Colorado College, Admission Counselor

High school seniors around the country are wrapping up their college searches and swapping road trips in favor of college applications. But, in the frenzy of application season and the pressure to gain acceptance to colleges, students often forget the importance of fit when it comes to selecting a college. The best way to ensure your college search process results in a great fit college is to thoroughly research schools that interest you, so that come May, you’re off to a college that suits both your academic and personal preferences.

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Admissions Officer Insight: Get to Know Carleton College

As an Admissions Counselor at Carleton College and an alumna, class of 2014, Holly Buttrey knows Carleton College better than almost anyone. Located in Northfield, Minnesota, Carleton offers many “favorite things” with its small town charm and big city opportunity nearby in Minneapolis/St. Paul. Holly’s list of favorite things will help you determine if Carleton is a good fit for you! 

Holly Buttrey, Carleton College, Admissions Counselor

I assume you are all familiar with Maria’s long, melodic list of favorite things in The Sound of Music, but perhaps you know a little less about Carleton. Now, I am not much of a singer, but I can, however, share my favorite things about Carleton:

  • Chocolate chip cookies at 1 a.m. (or any time for that matter)
  • Wooden Adirondack chairs
  • Warm woollen mittens (just like Maria!)
  • Friedrich von Schiller
  • Farm House
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Admissions Officer Insight: Five App Tips from Pomona College

If you’re working on your application, make sure you review Ashley Pallie’s top five application tips … including her bonus tip at the end!

Ashley Pallie, Pomona College, Associate Dean of Admissions

1. Tell your truth. As you’ve all probably heard many, many times, the QuestBridge application is an opportunity for high-achieving, low-income students to apply to some fantastic colleges and universities across the United States. Take a moment to think about the power of this process; some of the best institutions in the country are saying that the unique life experiences you have lived are important to the fabric of their schools. At Pomona, diversity of experiences is at core of our institutional identity. The QuestBridge application gives you the opportunity to talk about who you are, to delve deeper into your background and how you’ve come to be the person you are today, and to tell an admissions officer what excites you intellectually.

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Admissions Officer Insight: Five App Tips from Rice University

We know you’re looking for insiders’ tips about the college admissions process. Tamara Siler, Senior Associate Director of Admission & Coordinator of Minority Recruitment at Rice University, shares her top five application tips to help you fill out the best possible National College Match application!

Tamara Siler, Rice University, Senior Associate Director of Admissions & Coordinator of Minority Recruitment 
  1. Be sure to answer the question being asked, whether it is a short response or an essay. In addition to the QuestBridge College Match Application, the Common Application, or the Universal College Application, you may be also responding to a college specific supplement to these applications.  Some will give you a choice of question, but some are questions specific to the institution.  Read the question carefully and make sure your response specifically addresses the prompt.

2. You may get asked a similar application question in a number of places. Do not simply cut and paste a previous response to address the question, which basically means you are submitting the same writing sample twice.  Continue reading

Admissions Officer Insight: Five App Tips from Amherst College

Looking for insiders’ tips about the college admissions process? Sara Cohen, Former Assistant Dean of Admission at Amherst College, shares her top five application tips to help you fill out the best possible National College Match application!

Sara Cohen, Former Amherst College Assistant Dean of Admission

1. Organize the “Activities” section of the QuestBridge or Common Application to list entries in descending order of importance to you. In other words, start your list with the activities that you spend the most time doing, have been involved in for the longest period of time, or have developed leadership roles within, so that admission counselors will see your most important activities first.

2. List all your activities, even those that might not seem like “traditional” extracurriculars. If you work at a part-time or full-time job during the summer or school year, tell us. If you spend time taking care of a family member, caring for younger siblings, or maintaining responsibilities at home, tell us. Continue reading

Admissions Officer Insight: Why Do We Partner With QuestBridge?


Admissions Officer Corner is a series of posts written by college admissions officers at QuestBridge partner colleges.


Two days before I graduated from Wesleyan, I got a call from one of the Associate Deans of Admission with an offer of employment. It was more than a week after my last college class, several days after I had finished my final exams and papers, and 24 hours before my parents, brother and grandparents were set to arrive on campus. I was elated — graduating with a job offer is pretty sweet — but suddenly faced a huge decision. Was this just a job, or was it the right job? Would I be able to use the skills and knowledge I had spent the past four years developing? Would I be able to continue learning? Would I be able to make a real contribution?
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Admissions Officer Insight: Why I Like Being An Admissions Officer

Rice admissions officers on National Quest Day

Admissions Officer Corner is a series of posts written by college admissions officers at QuestBridge partner colleges

I’ve yet to meet anyone in the admission profession whose childhood dream was to grow up and be an admission officer. Can you imagine it, a kindergartner in a suit with a nametag, a tote bag of college brochures and a stack of information cards for toys to fill out?
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